Lotus 110

Designed by Rudy Thomann and Richard Hill, the Lotus 110 became, in its short three-year competitive life, a legendary bike. It won the 1994 Tour de France prologue, before following it with World Championship victories in the 4000m Individual Pursuit and Individual Time Trial in the same year. By the time it was banned, in 1996, it had added further 4000m Individual pursuit and had set the Absolute Hour record of 56.375 km (35.030 miles) along with a host of national records and championships.


Its design was at the forefront of the 1990s Aero Decade where the UCI’s relaxation, and subsequent tightening of the rules governing frame design permitted some of the most innovative and creative bikes.


This website is designed to provide information on the Lotus 110 and its processor, the Lotus 108.

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Lotus 110

Banned in 1996